When I was about 15 years old, a numbing pain began to creep and grow on my lower back.I brushed it off thinking it was just muscle fatigue.

But it became more intense to the point of great agonizing and  excruciating pain.  The pain gripped my body relentlessly.
I couldn’t walk without a noticeable limp. Each step that my left foot took would send pain radiating from the lower back.  It was extremely difficult even to get out of bed without pain.  I could take up to 20 minutes just to sit up on my bed and then move my legs gingerly onto the floor. Getting onto a public bus was a struggle.  When there was no available seat and I had to stand throughout the journey, the  pain would be excruciating especially when the bus went over an uneven surface.

I was finally referred by a doctor who was a general practitioner to an orthopedic specialist at Toa Payoh Hospital (now defunct)  in Singapore.  I put through a series of tests and x-rays.

A Professional Declaration of  a Diseased Life

I remember that session with the orthopaedic specialist who was also the Chief Registrar of the hospital.  He looked at me solemnly through his pair of squarish thick glasses.   His body language was full of negative vibes.  His looks alone dashed all the hopes I had of the condition in that it was temporal and treatable.  It was obvious he did not have good news.

With a grave voice, he told me I had an in-born spinal defect:
Spinal Bifidal at the L5 region of my spine..

The Specialist explained to me:
” You will most likely be paralyzed soon.”  It was shocking to me. I was trying to digest the information and he went on
” You need to go through a surgery whereby I will implant a screw at that area.”
“Will that stop the pain and prevent paralysis?”  I  asked in a choking muffled tone.
“No.  I can’t guarantee that.” and he went on…
” I have more bad news for you.  You have another condition.  You have Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

Though you are only 15 years old, the pain you felt in your body is that of a 90 year old man.”
A 16 year old with a 90 year old body
So I was living in an old man’s body!

I decided not to go for the surgery as it would not cure me of the condition.  I was prescribed strong pain killers.  But somehow I refuse to take them.  Young as I was, I did not want to mask the pain and develop a dependency on the pain killers.  I continued in the pain and agony.

I had given my life to Christ by then.  I was bitter.  Why me?  I began to complain to God incessantly.

8.5 on my scale of Pain
Now the pain had two forms.  One was a numbing kind of pain.  On an intensity scale of one to ten, it  would be about 4.  The other form of pain is paralyzing ranking 8.5 on my pain intensity scale.

When the pain is just numbing, I was relieved and encouraged.  I was able to be more positive with God.  When the pain is intense and paralyzing I would be depressed and felt a tinge of anger and even resentment towards God.  One day, at the onslaught of the intense pain, I was complaining with bitterness of my soul and this was my ‘prayer’ to God:

“Why me? I’m only 16. What wrong and  evil have I done?
I’m born again.  I am your child. I can’t walk properly without an obvious limb and exruciating pain. Even the pagans and heathens..
They can run and walk normally.  You are not fair to me!
Heal me Lord!..”

That was definitely not a prayer much less a prayer of faith!
Then out of the sudden, in the midst of my griping. I heard a calming gentle voice interjecting my ‘prayer’.

Son, do you believe I can heal you?

‘Yes.. Of course dear Lord.  I believe you can heal me.’
I proceeded to quote Isaiah 53:5.  This I learnt from my former Pastor Rick Seaward and he bellowed that promise often.
“By His stripes I’m healed!”

In the most calming gentle voice came the response:
Why are you then complaining?”

I got His message.  From that day onward, I refused to complain and to gripe.  The pain did not go away.  In the midst of the intensive agonizing pain, I professed Isaiah 53:5 over and over again.

Touch of Christ the Healer

One day, I heard of a meeting to be graced by Reverend Derek Prince.  I was told that he is a good teacher of the Word.  I went.  There were about 3000 people who had gathered that evening at Ropheka Hall of Calvary Charismatic Center. Rev Derek Prince was teaching on the subject of Blessings and Cursing.  What struck me was the statement he made:

“If you have a sickness or disease that medical science could not cure, you are under a curse.”

He went on to give other signs and symptoms that one could be under a curse.   After his sermon, he gave a call for those who had at least one of the symptoms described.  I stood up.  To my astonishment, the whole congregation stood up!  No altar call to come forward to be prayed for.

Then in a calm, monotonous voice, Derek Prince said,”In Jesus name, I break every curse over your life.” No shouting and drama.

Suddenly I felt a warm hand touching my back at the L5 region where the exposed area was. That hand then move upwards my spine and then lifted off.
From that day onwards, I felt no pain whatsoever.  I am healed!  From that day onwards, I have been set free.  Healed in the name of Jesus Christ alone.

Jesus did what medical science could not do.
The curse of an agonizingly sick life was broken!
Ever since I have been leading an active lifestyle.  Never had that pain since.

Praise the wonderful name of Jesus.  For He alone is Christ my Healer.