Mission Manila 2006


13 of us took time to go for this mission trip to Manila. We thank God for the many people who prayed for the mission and for God’s protection upon us. God appreciates everyone who has contributed to the success of this trip.

Pastor John spoke to Pastor & leaders of various churches as well as to many in the 2 open meetings in the evening. Pastor Lay Geok was greatly blessed of our good Lord to pen the following for the mission team.




A testimony received after the meeting on Friday, 24 Feb 2006


What happened tonight wasn’t an accident. It marks a great significance for our country. While we were worshipping, God impressed in my heart that we are at the right time at the right place. We stood in the gap on behalf of our nation Philippines.

The date for this meeting was just the right date. Redeeming what the enemy had stolen from Philippines, rebuking the lies of the enemy in combating the work that was going on a while ago in Ayala and Mendola by the words of God in the praises of His people. Philippines is blessed and wealthy. I speak blessings to our brothers and sisters from Singapore for being part of this momentous event of our country. Please send my appreciation and gratitude for all of them. Thank you.

Sis Joan Bunye