Mission Tel Avi, Israel & Athens, Greece 2010

Faith Report


To all our Covenant Partners, Ministry Partners and all at Living Faith Church,

We thank you for your love and your support to this good work that God has ordained for all of us. In whatever means and measures you have supported this ministry in this mission trip, we believe with you for God to measure back to you abundantly. We have imparted God’s love and faith into His people and helped them draw close to Jesus who is their source of exceeding grace for their total well-being. We have deposited the greatest treasure on earth – God’s Word in His anointing, into the lives of God’s Beloved on your behalf and the ordained rewards of God for this mission are yours too!

The following poem was written by Pastor Lay Geok as inspired by our Loving God. It gives you a summary of the teaching that God’s Beloved in Tel Avi, Israel & in Athens, Greece received very well.


God’s people in these nations are challenged to open their hearts and minds to know that by His Word, total prosperity God reveals

His blessing makes one rich and He adds no sorrow to it is His exceeding promise that the enemy can no longer conceal

By the Holy Spirit, God’s instructions for good success for His Beloved He seals

In taking personal responsibility to meditate on His Word, God’s people will receive empowerment to stop the enemy from breaking in to steal

Every thought that exhorts itself against the knowledge of God they must conscientiously deal

As they guard their hearts against the spirit of poverty and lack through regular practice of tithing and giving, & through loving God with the God-given zeal

– They will receive understanding that His blessings is total and real

– They will walk in health knowing that their bodies He heals

– They will dwell in God’s manifested goodness where His blessings overtake them & they need not worry over their clothes and meals

Indeed they will be able to testify that God’s ordained blessedness far exceeds what they think is ideal!