Mission Tel Aviv, Israel 2007
Praise Report


Psalms 122:6
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you. (NKJV )

Pastor John ministered to the God’s people in Israel in the Healing Conference together with Rev Linda Bergling of Sweden. It was a conference on God’s total healing – upon the spirit, soul and body.

We thank God for all who participated in Mission Israel 2007. We walked in the good works that God has ordained for us, with each of us playing our part to the success of this mission trip. We, the Body of Christ in Living Faith Church, are blessed to be channels of God’s blessings!

Pastor John shared in the conference that we have to stop seeing ourselves as lacking and to allow God to bless us. He taught the people that God wants us to focus on Him and think of what He wants done. Pastor John invited those who 
(i) desire to be a financier of the gospel of Jesus 
(ii) will bring their tithe to the local congregation, and 
(iii) are willing to think big to the front to be prayed for.

Almost the entire congregation went forward to receive prayers. It was awesome how the Holy Spirit worked in the people!

Before Pastor John prayed for financial breakthroughs, he prayed over the people for divine healing. Pastor John prayed for a man in wheelchair. He told him he saw him walking. The man caught the vision that Pastor John received and he stood up to walk! It was awesome sight to behold for all in the conference!

The security in Israel was very tight. It was a sight to behlod at the Central Bus Station. While we have experience security check while entering into malls, it was never as thorough as in Israel. There were many soldiers with rifles in the mall. We thank God for His love and protection. There was no fear in us.

We want to thank everyone for standing in prayers for this mission trip. Indeed our Loving God answered your prayers of love & of faith. May the joy of your answered prayers builds your faith. May you continue to grow from faith to faith and as you believe, you receive the answers to all your prayers of love.

For all who has sown into this mission trip. We are delighted that the rewards that God has ordained for us in this good work will be upon you too. God’s ordained harvest for the seed that you have sown be multiplied back to you! Greater stewardship be imparted to you because of your obedience & love for the work of God.