Brother John Shepherd Lim

John Shepherd Lim lost his father when he was five years old. Overnight, his widow mother, together with four young children, were plunged into poverty. John spent over a decade during his childhood and adolescence in grinding poverty and hardship. In addition, John was diagnosed with a spinal and bone condition known as Spina Bifida and Ankylosing Spondylitis when he was 16 years old. This condition caused him excruciating physical pain with the possibility of being paralyzed.

At age 16, John accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. In a meeting, God supernaturally healed him of the spinal and bone condition. The healing was total and permanent.

God began to lead John to study principles of success from the Bible. As he studied, he received tremendous wisdom and insights into these principles. Conscientiously, and persistently applying these Biblical principles of success, John received an indisputable breakthrough from the tormenting cycle of lack and poverty. Besides managing a successful business that he founded at the age of 24, John regularly speaks in conferences and seminars in various parts of the world. His meetings are characterized by the numerous testimonies of salvations , healings and financial breakthroughs.

Sister Lay Geok

As led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Lay Geok (wife of Brother John Lim) embarked on the Loving God Ladies Group ministry to encourage and equip women to know the love of God and grow in their knowledge of Him, reaching their fullest potential as godly women of faith. Through regular bi-monthly Tuesday night meetings, God’s empowering has strengthened and bonded ties of love among the sisters. We begin each meeting with a time of praise and worship, follow by a teaching on the word of God. Towards the end of each meeting, the sisters are organized into small groups and they get to minister one to another and be a blessing to others.

Over the past years, God has spoken (through her) messages of His unconditional love, mercy and grace. We have witnessed lives of sisters transformed from glory to glory as they mature in the knowledge of Him, walking in His ways and simply enjoying His daily presence in their lives.